Lulla Doll

The Lulla Doll imitates closeness of a caregiver at rest with its soothing sounds of real heartbeat & breathing and soft touch. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, wellbeing and safety. The aim of Lulla Doll is to help babies:

Sleep longer

Fall asleep more easily & Sleep for longer periods at a time *

Feel better

Experience less negative emotions and crying & Decrease stress levels *

Be safer

Stabilize heartbeat and breathing *

* these are the possible benefits of closeness, heartbeat & breathing sounds and comforters according to multiple research.


There is much more to learn about the Lulla doll, the sound she plays, the research it is based on and RoRo, the small company behind it.

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Apr 1
Apr 1

Open for pre-orders again!

After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign that enabled us to start off this adventure and manufacture our first 5000 Lulla dolls. We followed up with InDemand on Indiegogo for continued sales globally and starting building relationships with distributors in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.. and now since February we are officially SOLD OUT! Sales […]

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Dec 8
Dec 8

Lulla dolls to orphans in Togo!

We are so grateful for people with a giving heart like Helga Sverrisdóttir, who is donating 20 Lulla dolls that will go all the way to Togo, Africa. Helga has long been a sponsor for Sun in Togo which is a non-profit organization that supports a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children in Glijdi, Togo. […]

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Our team

These three awesome women make up the RoRo team. Many people have contributed and helped this company and little doll come to life including doctors, nurses, biomedical-sound and electrical engineers, musicians, designers, artists, marketing and business people. Thank you to you all.

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The Lulla doll is available on Indiegogo You can order your Lulla now!